Find a new home for your old favorites






At some stage in their lives everyone has items of furniture or kitchen appliances that they no longer want, but don’t really want to see them go to waste. Donating to the Surrey Reuse Network is the ideal way to make sure the favourite items you’ve lived with find a new home.

How to Donate

If you know the Borough/District covering the property to be collected from, please click on the appropriate green panel to the right of this page.

You will find a form to complete and submit. This will be automatically routed to the charity covering the area.

Alternatively, you will find telephone numbers that can be used to contact the charity directly.

Not sure of the Borough/District

Please use the link below to find this information

Once discovered, return to this page then proceed as above.

For Your Guidance

All of the charities aim to reuse items collected so, it is very helpful if they are kept in a clean and dry place. Collection from inside a property is never a problem.